Teen & Adult Classes



We offer a single in-studio class: a 2.5 hour oil painting class for adults. New students begin with drawing exercises followed by a still life oil painting of a basic form to demonstrate the application of technique to 3-D objects. Then, with the help and guidance of the instructor, students are encouraged to choose their own projects and mediums to put into practice the techniques they are learning. For beginning, intermediate and advanced students. All supplies included.



In this VIRTUAL class, a total of 5 watercolors and 5 oil pastels will be completed over the course of the semester via Zoom. All reference images will be pre-picked by the instructor to ensure success for beginners. Students will follow along as the instructor leads them in step-by-step processes, allowing them to build their knowledge of techniques. All supplies included.




In this VIRTUAL class, students will explore composition, design, color, value, perspective, and shape while completing weekly projects over Zoom. A variety of materials will be used, changing from week-to-week, including watercolors, oil pastels, pen and ink, mixed media, etc. All supplies included.

2 & 2.5 Hours

Tuesday 10 AM – 12:30PM *In Studio*
Instructor: Ellen Howard
Thursday 10 AM – 12 PM *Virtual*
Instructor: Nancy Torres
Thursday Night 6:00 – 8:00 PM *Virtual*
Instructor: Audrey McInnis & Rachael Dominguez

(650) 552-0001

1810 Magnolia Drive
Burlingame, CA 94010