Artists throughout history have painted how they perceive the world. It then becomes up to us to interpret their world view and apply it to our own understanding of things. As we wind down 2016, we like to look back at the art our students and instructors have created and we get a glimpse of the special way they see things and all the fun we have had!

Here is some of the great art that we have seen this year.

We applaud all our artists and we are grateful that they have been part of the Art Attack Burlingame family. Art is a community to itself. Earlier, we wrote of the Ghost Ship in San Francisco as they prepared for their Halloween festivities. Across the bay, Oakland’s own Ghost Ship was a thriving art collective that embraced different forms of art. The space was an enclave of art and artists looking for a space to express themselves and join others in creating an artistic community.

Not many people knew about the Oakland art collective until it was too late. The space was a labyrinth of art and tchotchkes and was a wonder for the senses. Earlier this month we saw the loss of too many artists at the Ghost Ship Oakland fire. The fire took the lives of 36 people, making it one of the most fatal structural fires in America in over a decade. Though the exact causes are still under investigation, the art community feels the loss and Art Attack Burlingame sends condolences and the best of wishes to the families of those lost and the survivors.

For more information on Ghost Ship Oakland and the lives lost, visit:
Ghost Ship Oakland Before the Fire
Artists Lost at Oakland Ghost Ship

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference…

Robert Frost’s quote reminds us that we all make decisions and take paths that lead us to different destinations. We just hope that no matter what path you pick, the end of the road brings more art into your life!

Happy New Year and 2017 from all of us at Art Attack Burlingame – Spring Art Classes Start February 27th, book online now!