Week 1: Secret Garden! June 11 - 15


This week features oil painting on location with our plein air field trips!

Have you ever seen a lily pad as big as a table? Have you ever seen a flower as big as your head? Come walk with us through an enchanting glass palace filled with an exotic garden. We’ll carry our pencils and make sure to stop and smell the roses as we sketch them. After exploring the lush flora inside the Conservatory, we’ll set up easels outside under the trees, and plein air paint in beautiful Golden Gate Park. The grounds surrounding the Conservatory are sure to inspire us for our big paintings later this week, where we’ll get to illustrate our own dreamy gardens. Imagine brick walls covered in ivy, blossoming trees overhead, cobalt hummingbirds fluttering between crimson flowers, and perfumed air tickling your face. We’ll transport you to our own secret garden at Friday’s art show, featuring our camper’s botanical paintings and floral arrangements.

  • Daily Camp Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm
  • Field Trip: SF Conservatory of Flower & painting on location
  • Please pack a lunch daily!
  • Art Show on Friday at 2:30pm. Guests welcome!
  • Create a 16”x20” original oil painting
  • Create fine art crafts